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Karibu, Welcome to Bakhresa The Home of Azam

We make it good, but it’s YOU who makes us GREAT!

Bakhresa Mission, Vision, Value

Our Mission
To increase and sustain the living standards of Africans by providing them with essential products and services of global quality at affordable prices. To exceed customers' expectations through innovation and harnessing technology.
Our Vision
To be one of the internationally respected and professionally companies in the African Continent. To spread our wings to the other parts of the globe.
Our Values
Passion for success; We are determined to be the best at what we do. We are not content with the status quo. We have a compelling desire to innovate.
Our Commitment
We are conscious of our responsibilities towards all our stakeholders and discharge them in letter and spirit.

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Bakhresa Group of Companies

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It is a proud moment for us to accept "Presidential Manufacturer of the Year" award by the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries. - Said Salim Bakhresa

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