AzamPesa Tanzania Limited

AzamPesa Tanzania Limited‘s mission is to expand digital commerce and increase financial inclusion in Tanzania.

We are committed to increasing the use of digital financial products and services by creating new value propositions that expand the breadth and depth of financial services and encourage Tanzanian customers to use digital financial services.

As the first and ONLY independent Tanzanian mobile money operator, our products and services are carefully designed to align with the interests of all stakeholders, allowing for fair pricing and customisation so as to address the day-to-day challenges of the average Tanzanian.

Our mobile money wallet, also known as AzamPesa, enables consumers to pay for goods and services, Cash In/Out, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers at a price significantly lower than the current market. AzamPesa is available on both iOS and Android and makes use of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) infrastructure.

Finally, we are the only company in the Tanzanian market that has put in place a comprehensive set of incentives to encourage retail shop owners and consumers to transact digitally.

As part of the Bakhresa Group, AzamPesa can leverage on Azam’s market brand trust to effectively communicate the value proposition of financial inclusion to a broader set of potential customers

OUR KEY OBJECTIVES: Connecting logistics to Payments to enable Ecommerce


One of the key factors preventing the mass adoption of eCommerce business models in Tanzania is the absence of systematic logistics to the last mile.

Together with our sister company AzamPay, we provide last mile logistics to thousands of retail shop owners in Tanzania with our product Sarafu.

For more information on Sarafu, read AzamPay’s company profile or visit www.sarafu.com





–        Transfer funds to and from any other licenced wallet in Tanzania

–        Transfer fund from AzamPesa Wallet account to any bank account and vice versa

–        Cash out funds (e-value for cash) at wholesalers, sub-wholesalers and Point of Sales

–        Pay for utilities and merchant payments like SARAFU, Government taxes etc

Subsidiary Details


Haile Selassie Rd, Plot 208
Dar es Salaam

Phone No.

+255 800 785 555





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