Paratha Chapati

Azam manda – Samosa leaves

Ice Cream

Ukwaju – Ice lolly

Azam Ice Cream

Azam Feast

Azam Ballcone

Azam Tofitofi

Wheat Flours

Azam SPF

Azam Brown Bread

Azam Home Baking Flour

Azam Ngano Bora

Azam – Safina

Azam – Ngano Bora 5KG

Azam – Special Baker’s Flour

Azam – Tambi Flour

Azam – White Gold

Azam – Home Baking Flour 5KG

Azam – PPF 

Azam – Self Raising Flour

Azam – Home Baking Flour

Azam – Chakki Atta


Azam Coconut Cream – 200ml

Azam Coconut Cream – 65ml

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