Paperkraft International Ltd Profile:Paperkraft

PIL was incorporated in 2010 as an export oriented manufacturing unit and is located in the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) complex in Dar Es Salaam, to manufacture paper bags of various sizes, mainly, 2Kg and outer bags of 24Kg for packing variety of flour, salt, sugar. While the unit is essentially to cater to the requirement of the Group’s Uganda Wheat Flour mill, local sales up to 20% of production are also permissible under law.

State of the art plant and machinery was imported from Garant Machinen, Germany and was installed during 2010. The unit commenced production in January 2011.

The production capacity is about 400 bags per minute of 2Kg and 200 bailers per minute of 24Kg.

Salient Benefits & Features of the Project:
  • Most Modern Technology 
  • State of the art plant & machinery from Germany
  • Renewable source of raw materials
  • The wastage is low and is 100% recyclable
  • Environment friendly industry
  • Employment Generation
  • Creating & earning valuable foreign exchange

It shall provide impetus to the other local industries by providing packaging material at a reasonable cost.


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