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Bakhresa Food Products Ltd is the proud producer of  ‘Uhai’ & ‘Safina’ brand bottled water in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The brand name  ’Uhai’means life in Kiswahili. True to its brand name the water produced and supplied by Bakhresa Food Products Limited quenches the thirst of the hundreds of thousands people in Tanzania and other neighboring countries, providing them the vital lifeline. Dar Es Salaam, being a port city, with hot and humid climate, the requirement for pure and potable water is extremely high. Bakhresa Group accepted this humble opportunity to serve the people with International Standard Pure Drinking Water, since the year 1998. It is the most popular brand of drinking water in Tanzania sold at a very affordable price. The source of water is from a hidden underground stream of water which is further processed using multimedia filtration, reverse osmosis, polishing filters, ozonation process and ultraviolet rays. The product is produced in highly hygienic environment and undergoes strict laboratory inspection at all levels of production to ensure conformity with international standards.

Production process

The processed water is packed in PET bottles of the required sizes produced from high quality PET granules which are converted into ‘Preforms’ using injection moulding techniques and then into bottles by the process of blow moulding. The caps and seals for the bottles are produced from HDPE granules by the injection moulding process. The bottles are filled with water after a thorough process of rinsing, then labeled and finally shrink wrapped in LLDPE sheets to form the packs depending on the size of the bottles. Significantly, the entire process from bottle making to filling to shrink wrapping is completely automated and performed with minimum human intervention.


’Uhai’ drinking water is produced in two plants using state of the art equipments supplied by the best manufacturers in the world. The Injection moulding process is performed by high tech equipments supplied by Engel of Austria, Nissei of Singapore and Awe of Italy. High capacity digitally controlled Blow Moulding Equipments were supplied by Chum Power of Taiwan. Unscramblers from Rochhman. High end Filling and Cap Moulding Machines were from Sacmi of Italy and Multi-pack Shrink Wrapping Machines from SMI Spa of Italy.

The production lines have a total capacity to produce up to 1.50 million liters of bottled drinking water per day.


’Uhai’ Drinking Water is available in 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1-liter, 2-liter, 6-liter and 12-liter PET bottles.


The Company distributes the water to all parts of Tanzania and neighboring countries through an extensive distribution network. It has large fleet of heavy, medium and light transport vehicles at its disposal to serve ‘Uhai’ water to millions of people. Today, ’Uhai’ is proud to be one of the most popular brands of bottled drinking water in East Africa. A high standard of product quality and price affordability for all sections of consumers have been the mainstay of the popularity earned by ’Uhai’ Drinking Water.


’Uhai’ water is not only sold through the net work of distributors/wholesalers/retailers but also at traffic junctions in the cities by un-employed young people, who earn their daily livelihood by selling few bottles of “Uhai” water everyday. It really is  “LIFE” for those young people.

Social Responsibilty


Bakhresa Group is setting up a plastic recycling plant to reprocess the used plastic bottles with a view to reduce the impact of waste plastic materials on the environment.