Bakhresa Food Products Limitedazamicecream

Ice Cream Division Profile:

BFPL produces high quality, delicious, nutritious and most popular “Azam” brand Ice Creams, relished by thousands of people in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

These products are sold not only through the excellent distribution net work of wholesalers and retailers but also through Tricylces, making these products available to the masses at their door steps and at affordable prices.

The state of the art technologies are used to produce the Ice Creams in a very hygienic environment.

BFPL is proudly associated with Danice a/s, a sister company of Tetrapak from Denmark for their product and process development. They also supply finest quality food ingredients to manufacture Ice Creams of International Standards.

Azam Ice Cream plant has world class machineries and equipments from Teknoice and Catta-27 of Italy and well trained manpower to produce high quality Ice Cream products.

Production Lines
Products Plant Capacity
ICE Cream 20,000 Liters Per Shift
Ice Cream Mix Processing Plant 1,800 Liters Per Hour
Extrusion Line 12,000 Pcs Per Hour
Ice Lolly 14,000 Pcs Per Hour
Cup Filling Line 4,000 Pcs Per Hour
Sandwich Line 3,000 Pcs Per Hour
Bulk Filling Line 600 Liters Per Hour