Bakhresa Group of companies extended their line of business to Dairy sector by installing a world class, sophisticated Dairy plant to produce UHT milk and other dairy products.

The plant is situated at Fumba region of Unguja Island in Zanzibar. The production capacity of the plant is 180,000 liters per day, packed in 2 sizes – Tetra Classic 200ml and Tetra brick square edge 1 liter pack. While the 200ml is supplied with hygienically packed sealed straws, the 1-liter pack comes with a unique Directly Injection moulded cap for easy pouring.ADPL produces two types of milk – Whole milk and Low fat milk in 1 liter pack while only whole milk is in 200ml pack. The company is planning to launch Flavored milk, Yogurt and other dairy products in the near future.

Production Lines
Products Size
Whole Milk Tetra 200ml, Tetra 1 liter pack
Low Fat Milk Tetra 200ml, Tetra 1 liter pack
Soy Milk Tetra 1 liter pack