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Azam Plastic Recycling

Azam Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling division is a step forward by the Bakhresa Group to join hands with others to keep the environment clean and to save ‘The Planet-Earth’.

This project is set up to recycle the used PET bottles and convert them to pellets which can be re-used for various applications.

Besides the economic benefits, this project shall have a positive impact on the environment and also provide direct and indirect employment in large numbers.

The project machineries consist primarily of the ‘Washing System’ and the ‘Extruding Section’ from M/s Sorema Plastics, Italy and Erema Ges.m.b.h, Austria, respectively.

Aim of Pet Recycling

  • Aromatic substance and chemicals are effectively removed.
  • Production of clear plastic granules for various applications.
  • Gas chromatography analyses show that the sensory Better Characteristics.
  • To keep environment clean & free from non biodegradable plastic materials.
  • Maximum utilization of PET scraps materials.

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