Azam Football Club (Azam FC)

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Bakhresa Group took active interest to promote Football in Tanzania by establishing a football club in the year 2007.

The club recruited talented young players from within the region, provided them excellent infrastructure and training facilities under the supervision of international coaches and built excellent teams at senior and junior levels.

Azam FC started participating in the local Vodacom Premier League in Tanzania during 2008/09 season and was ranked at eighth position in the first year of its appearance. Since then the club has been continuously improving its performance and climbed to the top position in 2013/14 season.

Azam FC has built state of the art stadium equipped with artificial turf playing ground, sand pitched playing ground for training, gym, swimming pool, self-contained rooms for the team etc. The stadium is also fitted with flood lights to facilitate conduct of the matches in the evening. The premier league matches are being conducted in this stadium

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