bgm-rBakhresa Grain Milling (Rwanda) Limited, was incorporated in Rwanda on 9th January 2009 with an objective to manufacture quality wheat products to cater to the local demand in Rwanda and export to Eastern Congo and Burundi. BGM-Rwanda is proud to be a pioneer company set up in the newly developed special economic zone in Kigali. It started its construction activity on 18th March 2010 and commercial production on 17th May 2011. BGM Rwanda has milling capacity of 500 tons per day and wheat storage capacity of 12,000 tons.

International Finance Corporation has partnered with us to finance this project.

This new state of the art ultra modern wheat milling complex, acquired from Buhler, Switzerland, was built at capital cost US$24 million. The plant is located very strategically at Kigali which is the major market for its products. Within a short span the company started enjoying majority market share. The company is having its own fleet of trucks to transport its raw materials and distribute finished goods across the country.

The company is providing direct employment to more than 80 local people and expatriates who are working dedicatedly and efficiently for mutual growth.

The company has undertaken a pilot project in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture for assessing the potentially to grow wheat in Rwanda. It has already completed one crop in various places in Rwanda and are assessing the results.

In recognition of its social responsibility, the company has donated various sums to the District Gasabo for construction of class rooms in the local school. To promote the sports, it has sponsored one Football match between Azam Football Club and Rayon Football Club Kigali.

All enquiries and comments can be sent to:

All enquiries and comments can be sent to:

Bakhresa Grain Milling (Rwanda) Limited
P.O.Box 6358
Plot No. 149(175),
Special Economic Zone,
Bumbogo Sector, Gasabo District,
Kigali, Rwanda

Phone: +250 783 001 968