37th Annual Saba Saba Exhibition 2013

37th Annual Saba Saba Exhibition 2013

This years 37th annual Saba Saba exhibition was a successful, fun filled and jubilant event with a festive atmosphere.

The Bakhresa Group Pavillion saw full representation from all divisions operating across the Bakhresa Group umbrella.


  • Bakhresa Food Products – Juices Division
  • Bakhresa Food Products – Ice-Cream Division
  • Bakhresa Food Products – Carbonated Soft Drinks Division
  • Said Salim Bakhresa – Grain milling Division
  • Azam Bakeries
  • Azam Biscuits
  • Azam Siha Bakery
  • Omar Packaging Industries
  • PP Bags
  • PaperKraft International
  • Azam Marine / Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries
  • Azam Inland Container Depot


In addition to the Bakhresa Groups consumer products divisions, packaging divisions, Marine Transport Divisions and Clearing & Forwarding division, The Bakhresa Group introduced its highly anticipated latest venture to the General Public – Azam media and Azam Tv. Affordable Satellite television services & quality home entertainment for the mass markets.

With more than 80,000 visitors passing through our exhibition stand over the course of the 12 day event, the Bakhresa Group was the most visited featured exhibitors at this years exhibition.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who joined us this year and for making this years Saba Saba exhibition a success. We look forward to improving on this and making next years 38th annual Saba Saba exhibition even more successful.


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