Fumba Uptown Living

Fumba Uptown Living

Fumba Uptown Living is an innovative residential development project, located along the southern shores of Zanzibar island. The project is the brainchild of Bakhresa Group and is being realized by Union Property Developers, a subsidiary of Azam Bakhresa Group of companies. It is worth mentioning that the project is being personally overseen by our Chairman Said Salim Bakhresa.

Bringing this project to life was the distinctive vision of Bakhresa Group and SSB, who have endeavored to introduce a unique residential community concept in Zanzibar that will provide its residents with a luxurious lifestyle and several options of chic housing units to choose
from. The design of these housing units is based on clean and modern lines, incorporating contemporary principles of both urban design and housing. Located some 25 kms from the town center and 21 kms from the international airport, the development is primarily accessed by vehicles. However, for the health and wellbeing of the community several provisions have been made for active transportation throughout the community.

At Bakhresa Group, we are committed to supporting our local industry and community. We see our project as a means for local job creation and revenue generation that will fully support the local construction industry and the community.

The project comprises of around 500 luxury villas, several distinct types of apartment buildings, and ancillary buildings that capitalize on the stunning views of the ocean and this unique site location.The project was conceived with the input of an international consultant team comprised of several renowned professionals and subject matter experts from various design disciplines that include architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects and urban planners.

The development consists of several amenities that will complement the luxurious lifestyle envisioned by the Bakhresa Group. Some of the amenities planned within the development will include a school, community mosque, hospital, sports center, amusement and water
park, retail spaces and commercial buildings, utility buildings, and several large open communal activity spaces and playgrounds for children. A highlight of among these amenities is the seafront corniche that spans the entire length of the development. It creates a buffer between the community development and the beach and ocean beyond. It includes a walking and jogging track, retail shops, food kiosks and restaurants, children’s play areas, benches and sitting areas, an amphitheater, and an ample amount of public parking. This design feature is envisioned as an epicenter of public activity, particularly on evenings and weekends where both community members and the general public can mingle and enjoy the fabulous views and breeze of the ocean.

For more information please contact

Amir Jamal, OAA, PMP
Project Manager
Union Property Developers
P.O. Box 744, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

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