SSB Azam ICD Division Profile:


Azam-ICD and CFS Division of the Group was triggered by the need and opportunity for vertical integration. Bakhresa Group Imports raw materials for its Group Companies and exports wheat by-products to Middle East and Far East. This has necessitated the need of having its own ICD and CFS division for ease of operations and creation of new business opportunity.


The Azam Inland Container Depot (AICD), through cost effective and exemplary customer service aims to be the first choice and preferred Logistics Partner of our Customers in the region.


Receipt of import Containers under Custom Bond from TPA/TICTS, offering Container Storage, facilitating Dispatch and the overall clearance of containerized cargo as well as LCL shipments under its custody, with designated Consignees.

The Container yard occupies the largest area in the ICD. It is a stacking area where the import containers are aggregated prior to dispatch to the respective Consignees where empties await onward movement to respective shipping line Depots.  ICD also cater for the Clearing and Forwarding of special containers and have stacking areas that are earmarked for keeping refrigerated, hazardous and other containers with special requirements.


Two covered and secured shed (each with doors) where import (shipped) loose cargo and motor vehicles will be received and stored prior to physical examination by Customs before clearance is issued.

Gate Complex

The gate complex regulates the entry of Import Containers and exit of road vehicle carrying cargo and containers through the terminal to final destination  It is a place where documentation, security and container inspection procedures are undertaken.

  • Total Area:30.600 Sq Meters
  • Container Storage Capacity: 1600 TEUS
  • Inspection Complex, Weigh bridge & Exiting trucks waiting area
  • Built up one story butterfly building (for customs, security & weigh bridge offices)
  • Administration Building Block –  5 stories building (Total ground built up area 600Sq Meters)
  • Administration block to house (Verticle built up space 3000 Sq Meters)
  • Offices for – TRA customs, TPA, TBS, National Security, Shipping partners and other agents.


Based on the statutory Custom requirements in relation to Bonding, Transit Bond, Security Insurance and other necessary procedural requirements, the AICD will ensure that it abides by and follows the standing import regulations governing ICD licensing and operations.

CFS Division

Primarily handle export cargo of the Group Company.

All enquiries and comments can be sent to:

All enquiries and comments can be sent to:

Azam-Inland Container Depot (AICD)
P.O. Box 2517, Dar Es Salaam
Phone: +255 22286 3435


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