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Having successfully established its presence in fruit juice and bottled water market, Bakhresa Group ventured into a new phase of beverage market in the year 2011 and started producing carbonated soft drinks and malt flavoured drinks with a view to provide international quality soft drinks at affordable prices to the masses. Within a short span of its launch, the products captured the imagination of Tanzanians and have become popular.

Wide range of products with variety of exciting flavours are being produced to satisfy the needs of all section of customers.

The products were launched in PET bottles to enable the customers to enjoy the drinks at their convenience.

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Products Portfolio

Carbonated Softdrinks Product Range:


Production Lines
Products Size
Azam Cola 300ml. 500ml
Azam Cola Orange 300ml. 500ml
Azam Soda Orange 300ml, 5ooml
Azam Soda Fursana 300ml, 5ooml
Azam Soda Apolina 500ml
Azam Soda Nanasina 500ml
Azam Soda Komamanga 300ml
Azam Cream Soda 300ml
Azam Energy Drink 300ml
Azam Malti Apple 300ml, 500ml
Azam Malti Pineapple 300ml, 500ml
Azam Malti Coffee 300ml
Azam Malti Ginger & Lime – Lemon 300ml
Azam Embe 300ml
Tropical 300ml
Safina Premium Drinking Water 500ml, 1000ml
Safina Sparkling Drinking Water 500ml